Adam and Eve Forbidden Anal Lube 4 Oz AE-LQ-5652-2

Adam and Eve Forbidden Anal Lube 4 Oz

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Gel-like lube offers longer-lasting anal fun!

You can bet your butt on Adam and Eve's finest anal lube!

A time-tested formula provides the enhanced endurance you need for truly satisfying backfoor sensations. The thicker, ge-like lube goes on easily and stays in place for increased effectiveness. It lasts longer than other lubes, so you don't have to worry about stopping in mid-fun to apply more. And it helps protect your sensitive backdoor from the rigors of anal play.

The water-based anal lube is non-staining, so it won't leave any spots on your sheets or elsewhere. It cleans up quickly and easily with just soap and water. And it's odorless too, making it great for people with sensitive noses.

You can use this safely with all types of sex toys, including those made from silicone and rubber. It's also compatible with latex and non-latex condoms.

Thicker, gel-like consistency
Compatible with all types of sex toys and condoms