Swingo Sling - 6 Count Box - Black SLO-BL-110D

Swingo Sling - 6 Count Box - Black

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This box contains 6 BLACK SwingO Sling C-rings.

The SwingO Sling is a True Silicone cock ring with a contoured sling made for ultimate perineum massage. Featuring a solid silicone ball at its tip, the SwingO positions to fit directly against his perineum with just enough pressure to enhance his sexual experience in every sex position. Made of body-safe silicone, the SwingO stretches to feel firm and snug around the penis and testicles and can be easily adjusted for optimal results.

- True Silicone silicone ring with perineum massage
- Solid silicone ball for firm pressure
- Stretchy silicone ring fits firm around penis and testicles